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Find everything from charming gifts and specialty shops, clothing and jewelry, music, hobby, antiques, hardware to home furnishings and more. Enjoy your shopping experience at over 80 retail shops in Downtown La Crosse! 

Rock Shop

 2344 St rd 16

Record Store

127 6th Street S

Farmers Market

4th Street S

Retail Boutique & Design Studio

320 Pearl Street

Jewelry Store

314 4th Street S

Clothing Store

400 Main Street

Athletic Clothing Store

537 Main Street

Jewelry Store

324 Main Street

Convenience Store

506 Cass Street

Music Store

116 4th Street S

Flower Shop

509 Main Street

Furniture Store

200 Main Street

Adult Entertainment Store

405 3rd Street S

Hobby Store

423 Main Street

Jewelry Store/Art Gallery

201 Pearl Street

Bicycle Store

125 7th Street N

Bridal Store

418 Main Street

Women's Clothing Boutique

312 Main Street

Stained glass & art gallery

413 Jay Street

Antique Store

110 3rd Street S

Vape Store

410 Main Street

Jewelry Store

429 Main Street

Clothing Store

121 4th Street S

Gift Shop

 211 Pearl Street

Nut & Chocolate Shop

417 Main Street

Collectibles Store 

515 Main Street

Hardware Store

319 Pearl Street

Eco-Friendly Boutique

509B Main Street

Clothing Store

303 Pearl Street

Women's Clothing Store

221 Pearl Street

Grocery Store

315 5th Avenue S

Art Gallery

321 Main Street

Jewelry Store

431 Main Street

Jewelry Pop-Up Shop

Home Improvement Store

514 Copeland Avenue

Clothing & Gift Shop

215 Pearl Street

Clothing & Gift Store

312 4th Street S

All businesses currently listed are paying members of Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. 
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