Considering a Downtown Mainstreet Inc. Membership? Here’s what DMI does for your business and the community.

Since 1990, DMI has led the transformation of Downtown La Crosse from a blighted district into a thriving economic and leisure hub for the region. Your DMI membership helps ensure that DMI continues these critical functions that support a vibrant Downtown La Crosse:

1. Marketing and promotional initiatives that draw visitors to downtown

DMI led marketing and promotions include Historic Downtown Day, Summer Days, Street Dances, First Fridays, and Seasonal Open Houses. Other marketing efforts include downtown branding campaigns, e-newsletters, as well as website and social media marketing for members.

2. Advocacy that ensures downtown businesses and residents are well represented in civic and government decision making

DMI is in constant dialogue with city, county, and state officials on matters important for downtown including public investment in the area, parking policy, laws and rules that impact businesses and visitors, public safety, and strategic planning.

3. Beautification and public/private investment partnerships that ensure downtown is inviting and safe

DMI leads multiple beautification and safety efforts through partnerships with other organizations. These initiatives include litter clean up and cigarette receptacles, installation of safety cameras, summer garden planter boxes, holiday decorations, snow removal, public murals, sculptures, and art installations. Efforts for the preservation of historic buildings, facade and elevate grants are also pursued.

4. Economic vitality initiatives to support new and existing businesses and inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship

DMI efforts include analyzing current market forces to develop long-term solutions. Sharpening the competitiveness of traditional merchants, recruiting new businesses, and creatively converting unused space for new uses.

The generous support of our members has enabled DMI to lead the incredible transformation of Downtown La Crosse over the last several years. Please become a DMI member and a partner in the future of our downtown!

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