Imagine 2040 La Crosse Downtown Plan

Downtown La Crosse is the economic driver for our community, and the center for our region. It is the strongest base of employment, investment value and sales tax revenue in La Crosse County. Downtown is often the first impression of our city, a center for tourism, and has become the central social district of our community. It is the place where our community gathers, and it all started with a plan.

We have realized many of the goals set forth in the original City Vision 2000 Downtown Master Plan, adopted in 1992 and the updated 2020 Downtown Master Plan. The current success of Down­town can be traced directly to these plans. Now, we are excited to begin the Imagine 2040 La Crosse Downtown Plan process to guide decisions and growth for the next 20 years.

The momentum from our early successes in downtown will continue. The Imagine 2040 La Crosse Downtown Plan will provide a guide to realizing ambitious ideas become a reality.  We need to hear from you.  Please visit to learn more about the plan, take a quick survey, and add your ideas on the interactive map.


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