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Will Kratt – ISG

Thank you for your interest in Downtown La Crosse! Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. (DMI) is a non-profit, member-driven organization that strives to make La Crosse’s Downtown one that you can take pride in and enjoy. The current public health and economic crises have provided us with significant challenges; challenges that we hope to turn into opportunities. Our team of businesses, volunteers, and staff consists of a diverse group of talented people that are here to assist the Community in navigating these short-term challenges through long-lasting changes and improvements.

DMI is outward-focused, meaning that we want you to connect to our businesses, one another, and the world in meaningful ways. It’s not important that you know who DMI is; it’s important that you can see and feel what DMI makes possible when living, working, shopping, or having an enjoyable time in Downtown La Crosse. Through innovative marketing and promotions, we are working to find new and creative ways for you to engage with people and businesses in a safe and comfortable way. Look for more video marketing and shopping opportunities that blend virtual and in-person experiences. We are working to positively affect Downtown not through the next homerun, but through smaller, people-scale design and intentional improvements. We are proud of the efforts from our many partners, businesses, and City leaders that made the Outdoor Café Program possible. We are currently working on ways to extend this through the holiday season and winter to help people embrace our climate and diverse offerings. Lastly, we will get through these tough times. We are working with local government and private partners to extend the Small Business Relief Grant Program. We have worked with these same partners in the past in creating funding and training that builds resiliency through façade improvement, cash infusion for getting new and growing businesses off on the correct foot, and connections to customers and other local businesses and partners.


Past President

Kelsey Williams – Fayze’s Restaurant



Mary Larson – Larson’s General




Brian Fukuda – La Crosse County



Jessica Kirchner – MSM Law


Chris Butler – Verve, A Credit Union Chris Kahlow – La Crosse City Council
Sandra Earp – Associated Bank Jennifer Kloehn – The Weber Group
Jesse Fanciulli – CenturyLink Tom Knothe – Viterbo University
Mary Hemmersbach –  Jay Lokken – RLR Properties
Julie Henline – Gensler Greg Reichert – UWL Foundation
Dan Howes – Howes Diamond Jewelers  


We hope that you see the value in Downtown La Crosse. We encourage you to play a part through engagement, enjoyment, and support. Please contact us with any ideas, changes, or improvements you would like to see to continue to make Downtown La Crosse the premier place to live, work, and play in the region. If you are interested in joining our board of directors, please fill out the form below. 

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