Downtown Mainstreet Inc. was created in 1990 to oversee, coordinate and facilitate the revitalization of La Crosse’s central business district.


DMI is a private, non-profit organization founded by businesses and financial institutions to help restore the downtown district’s role as the center of the Coulee Region.

DMI originated because of a need for an organization to bring various groups together to complete the City Vision 2000 Downtown Master Plan, which outlines a vision and strategy for Downtown La Crosse. The City Vision 2000 Downtown Master Plan was completed in 1992 and was the impetus for much of the public and private investment that has taken place since.  

Terry Bauer

"We know that our Community is changing, so let’s change with it to better serve it."

A message from Executive Director, Terry Bauer

Marissa Mundinger

Events & Promotions Coordinator

"I love seeing our visions become a reality and being able to bring the community together through our fun events."

Fritz Fayreweather

"For the past eight years, I've basically gotten paid to get my morning exercise."

Director of Sidewalk Cleanup and Landscaping

Christina Mehrkens

Marketing and Digital Strategy Intern

"The most fulfilling thing about my work is connecting others with their community."

Madison Renberg


"I truly believe in the important role that small businesses play in the La Crosse community."

Jordan Buntin


"I'm excited to work with DMI because I really enjoy the area and I want to help our local businesses."

Dani Weiss


"I've always loved being involved within my community and making new connections."

Bowen Kendrowicz


"I am excited to work in a fun and fast paced environment as I can visually see the results of our work affect the

La Crosse community in a positive way.”


Will Kratt


"I volunteer with DMI because I love being at our many great places to eat, drink, shop, and play, with friends and strangers alike, in historic Downtown."

Andrew Steger

President- Elect

"La Crosse is a very special destination

city nestled in the beautiful Driftless Region."

Kelsey Williams


"I love my downtown and am so proud of how we have all pulled together."

Chris Butler - Verve Credit Union

Jesse Fanciulli - Century Link

Brian Fukuda - La Crosse County

Julie Henline - Gensler  

Chris Kahlow - La Crosse City Council       

Tom Knothe - Viterbo University   

Greg Reichert - UWL Foundation 

Mary Larson - Larson's General Store    

Sandra Earp - Associated Bank

Cathy Fox - Coldwell Banker

Mary Hemmersbach - Gundersen

Dan Howes - Howes Diamond Jewelers

Jessica Kirchner- Moen Sheehan Meyer LTD

Jennifer Kloehn - The Weber Group

Jay Lokken - RLR Properties

Kris Salzwadel - La Crosse Center

Board Members


Sam Bachmeier Headshot.png

Economic Vitality

Sam Bachmeier
Commitee Chair

& Beautification

Julie Henline
Commitee Chair


& Special Events

Tanner Clausen
Commitee Chair


& Membership

Jesse Fanciulli
Commitee Chair