Dick & Terry Markos

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"Part of staying positive [during the COVID pandemic] was taking note that downtown La Crosse is a community all of it's own and exemplified by the  "can do" and very creative nature of Downtown Mainstreet. 


Those folks don't give up, find ways to help local business and keep moving forward!  That's how we survive together. "

Laurie Finn

Finnottes Nut & Chocolate Shop

"There hasn't been an organization that works harder for its members than Downtown Mainstreet Inc. From its inception until today, DMI has consistently put together opportunities for growth for all participating businesses. Great collaboration and wonderful people who care about our success."

Standing Together

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Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. stands with all of our La Crosse members and neighbors in the fight for justice and equality.

Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. remains committed to creating an exceptional quality of life environment for all members of our community, regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation.


We pledge to do our part in advancing a shared and inclusive vision, while advocating for a community of tolerance, peace and understanding. As the vibrant heart of our city, Downtown La Crosse is a gathering place. Our streets are meant to welcome and include. It is truly an honor to be a place where our community gathers in solidarity.

Image courtesy of La Crosse Tribune

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